SOJO in Edo-Tokyo


Sojo Motegi : Japanese Senshoku-sakka(dyeing artist)*

The kimono form is beautiful. The kimono is Japanese traditional culture. Many people feel and understand. But there are few chances to see a person wearing a kimono in present-day Japan.
What should be done for traditional culture to survive? Even if the time changes, the popular support which doesn't change and the tact to which change are introduced will be necessary for it.
The traditional culture estranged from popular daily life is an endangered species already. Unfortunately, the kimono culture isn't also an exception.

Senshoku-sakka(dyeing of cloth), Mr.Sojo keeps taking a modern element as well as a classic one in a kimono using a traditional technique and an original dyeing technique. I feel that Mr. Sojo who is also a ROCK musician has the energy to always make tradition evolve novel.
With the rare kind of skill of Mr. Sojo who works alone not dividing any process in the kimono production, makes the client's design image be accomplished perfectly. In this session, common worldview which Iki of the Kabuki which has started as a novel mass culture in the Edo Period and ROCK, was expressed to a kimono.
If you could find tradition in present-day Edo-Tokyo, I'm happy.


Quotation from the work collection "SOJO".

* Senshoku-sakka(dyeing artist): 

   The craftsman who deals with all processes by himself in kimono production mainly (or, artist).

SOJO in Edo-Tokyo


茂木 蒼城:染色作家